• S!sters - Sister - Germany

    A total of 7 songs competed to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest. Jury, televote and a Eurovision Panel gave a total of 12 points each to get the winner of this year.

    The Eurovision Panel gave the duo S!sters a total of 6 points, just behind Aly Ryan, Makeda, Lilly Among Clouds and Linus Bruhn. On the other side, the jury, composed of 20 members, give to the duo the best note 7 times, reaching a total of 187 points and beating Makeda by just 1 point more. The final decision was made by the televote, giving S!ster 12 points and placing Makeda to the 5th place.

    At the end of the night, S!sters got a total of 30 points, and Makeda 26.

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