• C+C Music Factory ft. Freedom Williams - Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

    Everybody Dance Now! The song, still used in night clubs is considered one of the "100 Greatest Dance Songs" and "100 Greatest songs of the 90's" by VH1, MTV or BuzzFeed between others.

    Peaking number 1 in 6 countries around the world and appearing on charts in more than 20 of them, it is one of the anthems of the dance floor. Now, we want to propose it to you as one of the best Gym and Workout songs ever! Do you think it is? Vote now!

    If you want to know the rest of the participants for the best Gym-Workout song ever, just go to the Top 50 world Gym-Workout or check all Top 50 World Spécial that we have on our website!

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