• Best 50 Saddest songs ever

    Sometimes we really need to be apart of the rest of the world, sometimes we just need a quiet place where we can cry and drop off our worst feelings, and sometimes we just need to hear some sad music to help us to unburden.

    We would like to help you and give you our support offering you this list with the saddest songs ever:

    Is your favourite song on the list? Vote for it! It is not on the list? Propose it with our Proposal form.
    Let's discover together the best "Saddest" song ever. On top50world you can discover all 50 best songs for everything: Christmas, Halloween, Summer, Disney!

    Stay with us, and discover the best 50 songs for every single country in the world!! If your country doesn't have any song, propose it!

    Vote now for the best "Saddest" song ever!!:

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