• Sergey Lazarev - Dorogoi dlinnoyu (Серге́й Ла́зарев - Дорогой длинною)

    We present you one of the most popular songs ever in Russia "Dorogoi dlinnovu" most known outside the country as "Those Were the Days". The song composed by Boris Fomin between 1900 and 1948 was traduced to the english with the most known version of Mary Hopkins in 1968.

    The song reached the number one everywhere on the world, and it was classified number two on the Billboard Hot 100 behind The Beatles' Hit "Hey Jude"

    Sergey Lazarev was part of the group Smash!! who broke up in 2006. He become very known with this group, but it was with his representation of the Russian country on the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 when he was thrown out to the international fame. He finished third on the contest, with the first place on tele-voting.

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