• Best 50 Halloween songs ever

    Do you like Halloween? So, this is your list. Here we will know more about the music of this celtic tradition, today open in more than 30 countries on the world. It is celebrated on the 30th of October, and its very popular because of the costumes that people wear and the "Trick-or-treat". On this top we will try to discover another facet of this event, the music.

    On this list, we won't classified by language or nationality, we just want to know the bests 50 song ever about Halloween. If you want to propose one, just made it in our "Proposal form". This one will be the list for the Halloween songs, but if you want to know other Special Tops, you can do it in our website.

    Michael Jackson
    Bobby Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
    Danny Elfman
    Der Letzte Hilfeschrei
    Nox Arcana
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