• Promote yourself Top50world

    1 - Identification of the organizing company

    The company Top50world with the web address www.top50world.com has organized this campaign titled “Promote yourself Top50world”.

    2 - Start and end dates for the competition

    The contest will begin during the voting period, up to a period of approximately one month.
    It is aimed at users in all countries, aged over 18 years, up to a limit of 50 participants.
    Top50world reserves the right to postpone or extend the contest period in case of force majeure, as well as the power to interpret these legal terms and conditions.

    3 – Rules and conditions to participate

    All person over 18 may participate in the contest
    They will not be able to participate: fraudulent profiles, encouraging racism, stars, etc. (Remember: the purpose of this contest is to introduce new artists).

    To participate, send an e-mail to contact@top50world with a brief description of you or your band (including name, surname, contact e-mail and web page if it exists to promote), an artistic video and a photo. The most voted will have the possibility to repeat in the contest and continue to promote in it.

    Top50world reserves the right to make changes to the campaign during its development if there is any cause that prevents it from being successful or in order to improve its progress.

    4 – Winner selection and drawing mode

    At the end of the voting, the one who has received the most support will be awarded the title of the contest, the rest of the participants will be able to re-participate in the next editions depending on their position in the voting results. The least voted will be removed from the list. (The cut-off note will reléase once all participants confirmed).

    Top50world is exempt from any liability in case there is an error in the data provided by the winners that prevent their identification.

    5 – Value and nature of the prize offered

    The winner of the contest will receive a nomination of reference: Winner of the “Promote yourself Top50world”, as well as the possibility of being promoted on the website with other artistic videos. At Top50world we are committed to giving the highest possible promotion to all participants of the contest, especially the winner, who can enjoy a promotion beyond the contest.

    6 – Personal data protection

    The data provided by the participants will be published freely in the official contest page www.top50world.com as well as in social networks. However, participants can always withdraw from the competition or choose a different artistic name.

    7 – Penalties for fraudulent use

    We will understand as a fraud the use of platforms or independent applications to get votes of more participation in the contest, as well as behaviours that we detect as apparently abusive and/or malicious.

    The verification of any of these practices will result in The disqualification of the contest and annulment of the votes or participation that we consider to have come through ways not allowed in the campaign.

    Top50world is exempt from any responsibility for damages that may be due to the temporary lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the application by which it participates in the promotions, to the fraud of the utility that users could have attributed to it, and to the different pages and replies of participation.

    8 – Acceptance of legal basis

    Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of these terms and legal conditions. Any manifestation of non-acceptance of all of part of the legal bases will entail the exclusión of the participant and, as a consequence, Top50world will be released from the fulfilment of the obligations contracted with this participant.
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