• Eurovision 2017

    In 2017, Ukraine will hold the 62nd competition of Eurovision Song Contest by second time in history because of the last year's winner, Jamala, with the song "1944" who get a total of 534 points, 23 more than the second classified, Australia, and getting the record of a country score at the festival.

    The dates of the two semifinals will be the 9th and 11th of May 2017 and the final will be on the 13th of May 2017.

    The host city had a long process to be select, 6 applications were selected, remaining a total of 3 in the last decision: Dnipro, Kiev and Odessa. Finally, Kiev was selected to hold the "Eurovision song contest 2017"

    The logo of this edition is a traditional necklace named Namysto, used as a protective piece and a symbol of beauty and health, and made with a lot of different pieces, everyone of them meaning the diversity and individually, slogan of this years's contest.

    A total of 43 countries will participate at this edition, Portugal and Rumania will return after being absents from the 2016 contest (The last one was expelled last year for its debts to the entity), and Bosnia-Herzegovina withdrew the contest due to financial difficulties.

    This year is very comment because of the big political conflict between Ukraine, the hosting country, and Russia. The Russian participant can be banned to enter in Ukraine, so her participation stay in doubts.

    Comments After the final

    Its a fact, Portugal has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 by the first time in history with a total of 758 points!. Bulgaria was at the second place with 615 points and Moldova was the third classified with a total of 374 points.

    Top50world has their results and there are some little differences with the real one!:

    The winner on Top50world is Croatia ! with 339 points, only 4 more than the second classified Portugal and next to the third one, Moldova!

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