• Vivo por ella- Andrea Vocelli & Marta Sánchez

    The song vivo per lei is really an Italian song, sing also in French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and German. But is the Spanish one which takes the most success in the charts.

    The song speaks about a real love, a very strong love between the singer and... the music. "I live for the music" means the lyrics. It's a wonderfull song, with no competition. Their voices are just incredible. We only can say, enjoy it:

    Andrea Vocelli is an Italian classical closover tenor and Marta sanchez is one of the pop singer most recognized in Spain. Both of them can make tubes like the next one:

    If you want to know the rest of the participants for the best song ever in Spain, just go to the Top 50 World Spain or check the Top 50 world for every single country in the world on this link.

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