• Best 50 songs ever in Eurovision Song Contest

    Your favorite contest start his top! Now you can choice what is the best song in the history of Eurovision.

    Eurovision song contest made 61 years since the festival start in 1956, a total of 52 countries have participated at least once in Eurovision. It is the most watched non-sporting event in the world.

    ABBA with "Waterloo", Katrina and the waves with "Love, shine and light", Dana International with "Diva" or Loreen with "Euphoria". There is a lot of good tubes in Eurovision, every particular one is excellent, and all we know that.

    On this top, we want to make a poll about the best song ever in Eurovision, you decide which is the best one.

    The only thing you have to do, is to propose one song, your favorite one, and we will include it on the top.

    We will start with the last 50 winners of the "Eurovision Song Contest", the 5 minus voted will get out of the top and other 5 songs will enter.

    Let's play!!!

    Which is your favorite ESC song ever (You can choose several options)

    ABBA - Waterloo

    Anne Marie - Tu te reconnaitras

    Bobbysocks - La det swinge

    Brotherhood - Save your kisses

    Brothers - Fly on the wings

    Bucks Fizz- Making your mind up

    Céline Dion - Ne partez pas sans moi

    Corinne Hermes - Si la vie est cadeau

    Dana International - Diva

    Dime Bilan - Believe

    Eimear - The voice

    Ell & Nikki - Running Scared

    Emmelie - Only Teardrops

    Gali and MH - Hallelujah

    Paparizou - My number one

    Herreys - Diggi-Loo

    Iwhar and the Alphabeta - Abanibi

    Jamala - 1944

    Johnny Logan - Hold me now

    Johnny Logan - What's another year

    Lena - Satellite

    Linda Mardin - Why me

    Lordi - Hard Rock

    Loreen - Euphoria

    Mans - Heroes

    Marie Myriam - L'oissea et l'enfant

    Marie N - I wanna

    Marija - Molitva

    Massiel - Lalala

    Niamh - In your eyes

    Paul and Charlie - Rock'n'Roll

    Riva - Rock me

    Ruslana - Wild dances

    Rybak - Fairytale

    Sandie Shaw - Puppet on a string

    Sandra Kim - J'aime la vie

    Secret Garden - Nocturne

    Severine - Un banc, un arbre

    Tanel, Dave- Everybody

    Teach-in- Ding a dong

    Toto Cutugno - Insieme:1992

    Udo Jurgens - Merci Chérie

    Vicky Leandros - Après toi
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