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    Its very easy, on the website, we bet for the new artists, don't worry if you don't have a wonderful career in the music world. You sing? You can play an instrument? You can mix sounds? You want to promote you?. Just let us know!!. We will study your request for publish it in our website and you can get what you want: readers, visualizations....

    For that, you have just to sent us an e-mail to top50world@hotmail.com with a little description of you and your creation. We will try all our possible to promote you.

    Meet the artists around the world who want to make themselves known, You can be part of them!

    Participe now on the contest

    "Promote Yourself Top50world: 2017-2018" Now you can participate for free!, with a lot of others participants.

    You can read the legal bases of the contest

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