• Best 50 songs ever in Russia

  • The great territory of Russia give them the opportunity to have extraordinary artists, spread all over its entire surface and characterized by the large ethnical culture of the country.

    In general, we can find three importants periods for the music in Russia: The 18th an 19th century, starred by the classical music, when we can hear composers like Tchaikovsky, already present in our Top50world Classical songs; On the 20th century the top music was the soviet compositions, it was a little different, the most part of the works talked about war and power, but we can find a new concept of music names VIA (Vocal-Instrumental-Ensemble); The third period is the 21th century, more international and mixed music all around the territory of Russia.
  • Top50world offer you now the proposal that you give us as the best songs ever in Russia.

    You can also see the best songs ever in all countries on the world.

    This list is made by your suggestions, if you can offer another one, do not hesitate to send us yours in our proposal form!
  • Artist
    NU Virgos
    Vera Brezhnev
    Dima Bilan
    Sergey Lazarev
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