• Best 50 songs ever in Japan

    The music of this country is very present in the lives of the Japanese people. This country has the most important music market in the world, even before the USA. 

    We can find, in the large diversity music of Japan, the traditional and folk music, composed of instruments like "Biwa", "Koto" or the "Taiko". This music is very used for religion, work, weddings, funeral and festivals.

    More recently we can find the great culture of the J-Pop music, Game music or Theme music, more used for anime films or video games.

    Top50world offer you now the proposal that you give us as the best songs ever in Japan. Vote for your favourite now!! Remember, the 5 songs least voted will drop out from the list!

    This list is made by your suggestions, if you can offer another one, do not hesitate to send us yours in our proposal form!

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