• Best 50 songs ever in Germany

    Germany is a country known by the classical music they gave to the world: Johan Sebastian Bach is one of the most important compositors of this type of music not only in the main country but all over the world. After him, many classical music composers try to follow in his footsteps.

    In another side, we can find some cabaret music, very important for this country because this kind of music let the people express their sentiments in the darkest periods. And finally the swing music, that was danced by the most part of the teenagers during the 20s and 30s.

    Actually, we can find a big interest in electronic music, techno, hip hop and rock music.
    Top50world offer you now the proposal that you give us as the best songs ever in the United States. Vote for your favourite now!! Remember, the 5 songs minus voted will drop out from the list!

    This list is made by your suggestions, if you can offer another one, do not hesitate to send us yours in our proposal form!

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