• Best 50 songs ever in France

    Oh, l'amour! The country of love, musically known by the cabarets and the romantic composers with some prestigious names as Gabriel Fauré or Claude Debussy. 

    Others co-official languages are present on the french music, like basque or corsica, and we can find as well some styles present on the country like Yé-yé with Jonny Halliday as referent, or musette with the wonderful Émilie Vacher.

    Top50world offer you now the proposal that you give us as the best songs ever in France. Vote for your favorite now!! Remember, the 5 songs minus voted will drop out from the list!

    This list is made by your suggestions, if you can offer another one, do not hesitate to send us yours in our proposal form!


    1. Françoise Hardy Mon amie la rose / L'amitie

    2. Indochine - J'ai demandé à la lune

    3. Les Poppys - Non, non, rien a changé

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    Let here your opinion!!!!