• Let's start: Explanation and how to use top50world

    We want to thank all the people who visit, comment, propose or follow us from the writing service of Top50world. From the beginning, Top50world has had ups and downs, but it was always here trying to help all the readers. At this moment, Top50world starts again, with a new and exceptional design more dynamic than before. If it's the first time for you on Top50world, let us explain to you a little about the website.

    Top50world from every single country

    -We will try, with your help, to create a top of the 50 best songs of all countries in the world.
    -Every one of you may propose his best song for a specific country. You can see our map on this link.
    -Every proposal will be published on the website up to a maximum of 50 for each country.
    -You can vote for your proposal in a poll that you will have in every country of our map. The votes will starts when every 50 songs will be published.
    -When the country has 50 songs, we will remove the 5 least voted.
    -Finally, other 5 songs will entry in the list, like that, we will know the bests songs ever of this country.

    Promote yourself

    We just realize that some people, completely independent of the website, want to promote themselves to have an opportunity and let the world known their music. It's because of that than Top50world want to give them a real opportunity and let them start in the music world and it is completely free!!. You can meet them on this link.

    On this section, do not hesitate to contact us if: You are a singer or a compositor and you want to spread your music; You play an instrument magically and you want to reach the heart of people able to understand your feelings. Remember, it is completely free!!

    Do not forget that Top50world is a website page for the music. Therefore, Top50world can accept another kind of artist or reject some proposals.

    Top50world special!

    On Top50world we want to let you know too the best 50 songs of all times for Eurovision, Halloween, Disney, Love, Christmas, summer... For that, you can just access to the Special Top50world page, propose your song for every event that you want and check its best 50 songs!

    Thank you very much for visit Top50world, we hope you the best, and Let's know your music!

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